Therapeutic Cell Banking

StemBios aims at utilizing  SB Cells® harvested from human blood to develop a cell banking system suitable for transplantation and used quickly in relation to a patient’s demands. Our service will process and manage storage of their cells. The main objective for cell banking is that cells collected from an individual can one day be used to treat that same individual without immune system rejection. Cell banking of SB-3 cells has its advantages over other types of stem cells derived from adipocyte, wisdom teeth or umbilical cord blood. The source of our SB-3 cells is easily obtained with about 10 million SB-3 cells derived from 20 ml blood or 5 ml bone marrow. Also, SB Cells®, compared to other previously discovered adult stem cells, have distinguishable markers and are easy to activate, to purify, to culture, to expand and to induce differentiation into the cells we want for Cellular Therapeutics and anti-aging treatments.