External Artificial Liver System

The liver’s major functions are for detoxification and your body’s metabolism. Many liver diseases, such as hepatitis C, liver cancer as well as drug overdosing, and excessive alcohol consumption can lead to lethal liver failure. Currently, liver transplantation is the only therapy for patients faced with irreversible liver diseases.

Figure 5. SB-3 cells differentiation into Hepatocyte-like cells (Endoderm)

90,830 liver transplants were reported to the United Network for Organ Sharing in 2008. In 2007, 6,493 liver transplants were performed while at the same time, 16,761 patients were still on the transplantation list. Foreseeing this market opportunity, StemBios plans to differentiate SB Cells® into hepatocytes (Figure 5) in high efficiency and utilize these hepatocytes to manufacture an external artificial liver system. An external artificial liver system can extend time for those patients who are waiting for liver transplantation.