Cancer Vaccines

StemBios seeks for an efficient and emerging cancer cure technology aimed to produce high quality cancer vaccines. A vaccine prevents an individual from getting certain diseases. Similarly, a cancer vaccine can be used to prevent infections from cancer-causing viruses, such as HPV, treat existing cancers, or prevent cancers in those individuals with high risks of developing the disease.

Figure 7. SB-3 cells differentiation into Dendritic cell (CD83, CD86)

Our research shows our SB-1 and SB-2 cells having the ability to differentiate into CD83+ mature dendritic cells (Figure 7). By collecting the blood sample of a patient, purifying SB Cells® and differentiating those SB Cells® into dendritic cells, StemBios can produce customized vaccines which will not cause immune rejection. These dendritic cells will be exposed to cancer cell debris and tumor antigens first. Next, the treated dendritic cells are injected back into body. T-cells in the immune system will recognize the antigens on the MHC of these dendritic cells and activate B-cells to make antibodies against the cancer.